Sweden Officially Backs a CryptoCurrency and Establishes it as their Official Coin.

Sweden Officially Backs a CryptoCurrency and Establishes it as their Official Coin.

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A major worldwide government has just bestowed a huge vote of confidence and legitimacy on to the world of cryptocurrencies. Sweden, in an unprecedented move, just announced that they are officially adopting a KryptoPay as Sweden’s cryptocurrency! But are they?
What is Kryptonex Research Group?
Kryptonex Research Group claims that Sweden chose them to promote their national cryptocurrency. According to all of the articles surrounding this topic, Sweden is going to be the first country in the world to adopt a single cryptocurrency.
No information about Kryptonex is available online. Doing a google search for “Kryptonex Research Group”, the only thing I was able to find was an abundance of posts and videos exposing Kryptonex for being fraudulent from the ground up.
On the video on Kryptonex’s website, they claim Sweden chose them to be the countries main cryptocurrency asset. However, due to a “non-disclosure” agreement with the Swedish government, they are unable to state the name of the coin. The main agenda being pushed by Kryptonex is that the coin starts out being very cheap to buy on release, before shooting up in value.
On their website, they state;
Famed hedge funder turned crypto-investor Michael Novogratz says: Sweden’s Cryptocurrency could be at £5,000 per coin by the end of September, 2018
For a cryptocurrency that starts at 0.33p per coin, the price going up to 5000 means that the cryptocurrency will see a 15151% growth in value in only 12 days. This is impossible, no cryptocurrency is able to grow that much in the space of 2 weeks. The intention of this statement is to deceive newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry by showing them unrealistic investment gains in order to get them to make a deposit.
The Scam

TRADERS BEWARE! a fake version of the @coindesk website is going around offering to sell coins of Sweden's new state-backed crypto through a shady af exchange called "kryptonex". https://t.co/h4vgjFZtMl#crypto #altcoins #bitcoin #ico
— Manny Pulate (@Manny_Pulate) March 6, 2018

Without a doubt, this is one of the worst scams I’ve seen in a while. The complete story is full of holes and missing links. Why would Sweden’s government do anything that Kryptonex is saying they will do? Why would a government choose a private company to launch a government-backed currency? Sweden is definitely looking into creating their own coin, this is true. But only a highly dysfunctional government would believe it’s a good idea to outsource the production of such a valuable asset.
Also, the “non-disclosure agreement” is also a call for concern. Why would a government provide insider trading information to a private company? Kryptonex states they will reveal the name of the cryptocurrency only to their customers. They are able to say this because they gain nothing by sharing this information with people as it doesn’t exist. If there was a real non-disclosure agreement, Kryptonex wouldn’t be allowed to reveal this information to anyone, even their customers.
Not to mention the website, another big cause for concern. While the website may look professionally done, it provides no information about Kryptonex and the cryptocurrency. The only page this website is hosting, is the homepage. With no real information available on the site, people are left with only 1 option. Provide your full name, email address, password and phone number and you will have all your questions answered.
For the fat lady
Kryptonex Research Group’s real aim is to make you deposit money with a non-regulated broker. In other words, this means a shady broker is paying whoever is running this scam to refer new clients who are willing to make deposits. Please be sure that if you deposit anything with Kryptonex, you will lose that money forever.
They even went as far as to create a fake version of the Coindesk website in order to create a blog post explaining the “benefits” of “Sweden’s Cryptocurrency”
Stay vigilant when looking at the latest news regarding cryptocurrency. You can avoid these types of scams fairly easy by spending 5 minutes researching into whatever you’re thinking about investing in.
Were you about to be caught in the net of this kind-of well-made scam strategy? Let’s talk about it, leave us a comment with your feelings regarding this behaviour!
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iCE3X Talent Coup in South Africa

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iCE3X, South Africa’s favourite cryptocurrency exchange are happy to welcome our new COO. Eugene Etsebeth, former Chairman of the Virtual Currency and Distributed Ledger Technology working group at the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), is joining iCE3X as Chief Operating Officer, effective 1st October 2018.
Etsebeth was most recently Sybrin Systems where he led a unit of over 55 resources in implementing payments solutions across Africa in banks, central banks and clearing houses. He was also responsible for cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives in Sybrin Systems.
Regulatory oversight and cooperation between regulators, exchanges and financial institutions have been a bone of contention in the cryptocurrency industry for the last 4-5 years and appears to reach a level of maturity which could bring a whole new breed of services to customers. iCE3X have quietly been building their business since laying foundations back in 2013. They have a tight-knit team of highly experienced individuals with a clear vision of where they want to take the business.
“We have opened a dialogue with some prominent financial institutions and are in the advanced stages of implementing our business development roadmap”, said Gareth Grobler, Founder and CEO of iCE3X.
At iCE3X, Etsebeth will actively seek business opportunities and partnerships, constantly engage and work with regulators and concentrate on expanding the business with comprehensive policies and processes.
Grobler further commented: “Eugene’s expertise in payment systems, traditional finance, cryptocurrencies and respected position in the regulatory environment make him the ideal person to drive our vision for growth in South Africa. Cryptocurrencies operate in an environment that is yet to be defined in terms of regulation and how its interaction with FIAT can be monitored. Having Eugene’s experience and insight will be invaluable, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with him.”
Eugene Etsebeth has a strong vision: “I look forward to making digital assets a safe, convenient and vital part of all South Africans’ wealth portfolios within the stable of iCE3X products.”
About iCE³X
iCE³X is a secure exchange platform where users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and various other altcoins in South African Rand and Nigerian Naira. They operate an open order book with real orders from real customers
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Bitcoin ( BTC ) to South African Rand (ZAR) | BTC to ZAR

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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros; they’re produced by lots of people running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. It’s the first example of a growing category of money known as a cryptocurrency. Little below we will explain the ratio BTC to ZAR.
Bitcoin was created to serve a highly political intent, a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access.
– Amir Taaki
Who can buy or sell bitcoin?
Anyone can buy or sell bitcoin. ICE3X provides the exchange where buyers and sellers meet to exchange various Cryptocurrencies, with easy registration, verification and an amazing support team. ICE3X has been providing a safe and secure exchange since 2013.
ICE3X also has the lowest fees and a wonderful Affiliate program that can earn you money by introducing your friends and family.
Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.
– Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize nominee
Why use Bitcoin not only for investing but using BTC as a virtual currency.

It’s fast
It’s Cheap
Central Governments can’t take it away
There are no chargebacks
People can’t steal your important information from Merchants
It is not inflationary
It’s as private as you want it to be
You don’t need to trust anyone else
You own it

Where and how to trade bitcoin?
ICE3X provides a cyrptocyrrency exchange platform that allows potential buyers and sellers of Bitcoin to exchange the transactions since 2013.
Registering on the exchange allows one to buy BTC with Rands as well as exchange BTC for Rands.
Funding your ICE3X  account is done by way of your bank account to the exchange with an automatic clearance of the funds into your ICE3X account,  once cleared by the bank, there is no need for batch runs.
The funds on your account now allow you to place buy orders on the exchange for the price you are willing to pay. If there are selling orders you want to pursue you can easily complete the selling order by clicking on the order. You are now the proud owner of the BTC.
Selling BTC on the exchange works the same. Place a sell order for your price or see which buy orders you are willing to accept for your Bitcoin and complete the transaction.
Start trading / using BTC Today, “there’s no time like the present “
Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet.
– Roger Ver
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Somebody Needs to Stop NEO – They Took TRON’s position! Who’s Next?

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NEO is on the rise and has taken the 11th position from Tron. Seeing how this cryptocurrency is on the climb it makes one wonder what will happen next. That being said let’s get an overview of what cryptocurrency NEO is and some other information regarding this cryptocurrency.
Who invented Neo?
This cryptocurrency was first launched in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang as Antshare. Thereafter it was named NEO in June 2017, its meaning is new and young in Greek. Since then It has made its mark and has now taken over the 11th position from Tron due to the market capitalization of $2.61 bln compared to Tron’s $2.49 bln. That makes us wonder who will be next?
What is Neo?
This was the first decentralized, open source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China. “Chinese Ethereum” is the nickname given to this cryptocurrency which is similar to Ethereum but has learned from Ethereum’s mistakes.
The big move for Neo is creating an entire smart economy. It has incorporated digital assets, smart contracts, and a digital identity that can be used for real-world applications and become integrated into the real economy. China could (and may) be a candidate for that first real-world application and integration – According to Brian Evans.
Why should you invest?

The market has seen some revived life in the last 2 months and Neo has been at the top of the revival.
This cryptocurrency being one of the known performers has taken a rise in the market. When you look at past performance of the currency it gives you an indication of how well it has done.
Neo started with decentralization in July which will kick-start a new generation of decentralization.

We have to be very careful with decentralization of the consensus nodes because the protocol of Cryptocurrency NEO is evolving very fast. We need those consensus nodes to act very quickly to upgrade, and if there is a bug or a security issue, we need them to respond very quickly. So we’re doing the decentralization process slowly, gradually and very carefully. – Da Hongfei
Where can you buy, sell and trade Neo
You can buy, sell and trade Neo securely on iCE3X.com trading platform, which is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange SINCE 2013. With that in mind, you can trade markets all the time 24/7 365 days of the year. Buying or selling NEO is very easy. Simply select the NEO/BTC trading pair and place your BUY and SELL orders.
When is the best time to buy Neo
There is no better time than the present. According to Economy forecast agency, the price for Cryptocurrency Neo will be in the vicinity of R4380.35 – R5059.00 in May 2020 and will reach an amount of R6755.62 – R7773.59 by December 2020. Therefore if you invest around R 1542.38 today your return could be around R9254.27 in 2020.
Price of Neo?
The current price on iCE3X is +/- R728.00 at the time of writing this blog.
In conclusion, there is no time like the present to invest in Cryptocurrency. Neo followers expect great things to come for this cryptocurrency. If your strategy is aligned with sentiment trading, then NEO is one to watch!
Bonus video for some more info:

What does your gut say about NEO? Are you going invest in NEO or are you HODLING?
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Crypto exchanges are set to rake in twice as much money as last year even though bitcoin is down 67%

Crypto exchanges are set to rake in twice as much money as last year even though bitcoin is down 67%

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Compared to 2017, bitcoin has slumped by a large margin. Many long-term holders pulled out after the price dropped, and people have been down in the dumps about the price.
But they’re not the only people in this market. Crypto exchanges have been thriving through the storm, despite bitcoin’s price dropping by a whopping 67%. In fact, a recent report found that crypto exchanges could make up to twice as much money as last year.

According to a report by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. , in 2018, the #income of #cryptocurrency #exchanges can GROW by MORE than TWICE – up to 4 BILLION dollars!!! #crypto $btc $EXRN $ltc $XRP $trx $cnn #Bitcoin #blockchain #fintech pic.twitter.com/PpCjCZQslM
— TRX Dino (@TRX_Dinosaur) August 21, 2018

Crypto Exchanges
In total, the digital currency market has shed over $500 billion since it topped $800 billion in January.
A notable number of crypto exchanges experienced a number of outages and hacks as the price of bitcoin took off, hitting a peak of $20,000 at the end of 2017. Nonetheless, exchanges earn their money by facilitating the matchmaking of buyers and sellers. This means that regardless of the market environment, crypto exchanges are able to see profits.
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analysts report that the revenue generated from crypto exchanges could double to as much as 4 billion; despite the dive digital assets took in value this year.
The buying and selling of cryptocurrencies generated $1.8 billion in transaction fees in some of the largest crypto exchanges last year. These estimates are solely based on transaction fees. In terms of segments, the Global Cash Equities business was the only one able to surpass cryptocurrency trading. He followed this statement, saying;
“As the crypto-asset class seasons and institutional demand builds, there are a plethora of opportunities for traditional firms,”
The cryptocurrency industry is highly volatile, and for some people, taking risks is not an option. Even though wall street giants such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. have dabbled in the crypto industry, the traditional finance industry have a tendency to tread carefully with anything regarding it. As government scrutiny toward cryptocurrency grew at the end of 2017, the price dropped around 67%. This prompted the financial industry to proceed cautiously amid the regulatory uncertainty and volatile prices.
Because of the caution surrounding the industry, Coinbase Inc – a U.S. based crypto exchange, with backing from traditional banks, venture capital, and exchanges — are liable to end up in an “unassailable competitive position”. But if Wallstreet were to engage with the cryptocurrency industry more, this could be averted.
Coinbase is estimated to own a nice slice of about 50% of the transaction revenue pool. Even still, traditional fiat finance is unlikely to welcome crypto spot trading with open arms as of yet. This is mainly due to regulatory concerns and money laundering risks presented by the anonymity of the cryptocurrency industry.
Large Investors
Crypto exchanges are able to get an extra boost in revenue if they’re able to attract larger investors to their trading platforms with white-glove services. Offering these services to large institutions will help to make the market mature. Kiran Nagaraj, KPMG’s leader of cryptocurrency services says
larger investors need to be supported on crypto-specific issues such as managing crypto forks — when a crypto splits into two — for them to enter the market in a serious way. Big investors don’t want to be concerned with the technicalities.

“They’re in the investment business,” he said. “They can’t hold their own private key. Maybe you’ll find some that’ll do it, but they are looking for market exposure. They don’t want to deal with the operations.”
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NEO Price analysis, time to battle the bear

NEO Price analysis, time to battle the bear

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We refer to Neo as the “Ethereum killer” or “Chinese Ethereum”. It’s time to see a real Neo price analysis and understand its place in the Crypto-World.
Neo (previously Antshares), is an all-included smart contract provider. It is well designed for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Decentralised Apps (dApps), focusing on Smart Economy solutions which are real assets that can be digitized and traded with confidence using specific trading rules. This makes it easy to know who you are trading with using Digital Identity.
Having had something of a sudden rise based on a successful marketing drive.
NEO started at around R2.61 in November 2016, rising to about 30% since and in June 2018 trading at R662.89. At the begging of the year, it was trading around R2242.28.
Here is an image of NEO trading on iCE3X for the last few months:

What is NEO and how does it work?
The NEO network is different from Ethereum for the reason that it consists of two tokens namely NEO and GAS. NEO being used for voting rights and ownership proof on the blockchain, whereas GAS is the fuel that drives the smart contracts.

The NEO system includes the following:

Consensus protocol called the dBFT or Delegated Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm. It uses the consensus mechanism which allows the system to resist the Byzantine generals problem. This also helps to maintain consensus even if some nodes bare hateful intentions.
NeoX – Creating a system with the ability to deal with, and operate on different block-chains.
NEO Contract – Device to create smart contracts that are able to expand in high-performance environments that with pre-existing codebases.
NeoFS – Service allowing decentralized storage like peer-to-peer Dropbox.
NeoQ – Supports post-quantum mechanisms based on Lattice-based cryptography. It is quantum-proof. This means that its mathematical problems are so complex that even future technology would not be able to crack it.

Therefore, you can see that Neo uses exceptional smart contract coding and completion systems. This is a process in the organizing phase. Which means that for various forms of smart contracts, Ethereum is faster.
Why Neo is using smart economy?
It uses a smart economy because it is a faster transfer of assets. These assets will have proof of ownership in the blockchain. You can buy, sell, trade, and create leverage on these assets through smart contracts. Ownership can be guaranteed and confirmed through the decentralized model of the blockchain. This innovative smart contract system supports common programming languages familiar to most of the developers. Therefore, they would not have to learn a new language in order to use it.
Why Neo is compared to Ethereum?
Neo referred to as “Chinese Ethereum” is a lot like Ethereum but has learned from the mistakes Ethereum has made.
Ethereum is the predecessor of NEO, both systems offer similar infinite smart contracts. However, Neo’s smart contracts are a lot easier to create and use. The innovative smart contract system of Neo supports common programming languages for most developers. While Ethereum requires a programming language called Solidity. Generally speaking, any company can use Neo’s smart contract easily, while Ethereum needs developers that know the programming language Solidity.
Neo Price Analysis
Referring to Neo as the “Ethereum killer” and the intense positive publicity it has received, it has regrettably not been unaffected by the 2018 bearish market.
As seen below the rise in September 2017 and up and down market trend until hitting a high again in January 2018.

Since then the price has been up and down in this bearish market.
Buying, Exchanging and trading Neo
At iCE3X buying or selling NEO is very easy. You can trade markets all the time 24/7 365 days of the year.  iCE3X is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange SINCE 2013. Simply select the NEO/BTC trading pair and place your BUY and SELL orders.
When should you buy Neo?
Many long-term traders will suggest that we are in the dip and therefore it is a good time to buy. Visit iCE3X to find out the 5 reasons why you should Buy Neo.
We conclude that to say Neo is the “Ethereum Killer” is achievement NEO has yet to accomplish. However, it has a lot of space for growth. Its innovative smart contract system language makes it easy to create and use. Neo and Ethereum are a lot alike but are also different in many aspects.
What does your gut say about Neo? Leave us a reply below.
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SARS is in discussions with tech companies to track Bitcoin trades. | iCE3X

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There are new tax regulations set in place by SARS (The South African Revenue Service) and the SARB (the South African Reserve Bank). Over the years, many South Africans have seen great benefits from the volatility that comes with cryptocurrency. In many cases, these people have doubled or even tripled their initial investment. Despite the success people have been having with crypto, converting bitcoin to rand is about to get slightly more difficult.
SARS recently announced that normal income tax rules are going to apply to cryptocurrencies. This will result in taxpayers having to declare their profits and losses as part of their taxable income.
SARS on How the Crypto Tax will work
Now that taxpayers have to keep track of all transactions they make with bitcoin, people are becoming frustrated. Ettiene Retief, Chairman of the National Tax and SARS committee at SAIPA, stated
The facts in regards to the nature of the transactions will determine whether capital gains tax or income tax will apply. Typically, a person who trades regularly with cryptocurrenceis may be subject to normal income tax. In some cases, there may be limitations or even ring-fencing that may apply in regards to losses
This mainly applies to day traders and short-term investors, but capital gains tax could potentially apply in the case of long-term investments. Retief added:
Where a person purchases and holds a cryptocurrency for an extended period of time aimed at investing or capital growth, the profits or losses may be subject to capital gains tax as opposed to normal income tax
It’s not all bad though. It’s entirely possible to declare your losses to SARS and receive tax benefits in both scenarios. any losses claimed on short-term investments and cryptocurrency investments have the potential to be limited depending on specific factors relating to the taxpayer. SARS did not specify the exact tax requirement for specific bitcoin to Rand payments, and also stated that they will not be accepting payments in bitcoin.
The South African Reserve Bank published a position paper in 2014 regarding the taxation of virtual currencies.
Can I Use Bitcoin Without Rand?
Cashing your bitcoin in Rand is fairly easy to track. Though this may not be a problem for some people, it is not your only option. Luckily, there are ways to use the cryptocurrency making it harder to trace.
You can do this by using a cryptocurrency-based wallet and debit card. There are multiple cryptocurrency wallets and debit cards that are used to purchase everyday items all over the world.
TenX, a cryptocurrency wallet, and card service tested in over 50 countries is a good option. Their cryptocurrency wallet is available on iOS, Android and also online an online web wallet. TenX allows their users to spend their cryptocurrency without a bank account, much like you would spend normal fiat currencies.

South African Revenue Service (SARS) Intensify Efforts to Clampdown on Cryptocurrency Tax Evaders#MasterNodes #SouthAfrica #Revenue #Crypto #Tax https://t.co/RveZcJWmzG
— MasterNodes.pro (@MasterNodesPro) August 22, 2018

What Does This Mean for Cryptocurrency in SA?
South African citizens are required to pay income tax on cryptocurrency, even though it is not classed as legal tender. If you are in South Africa accepting bitcoin as a payment option, you subsequently will need to declare it as a taxable income. South African miners are going to have a hard time seeing profits now that they have to pay taxes for the bitcoins they earn.
Amidst all of the new regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, the VAT status of bitcoin is unclear. SARS stated:
The 2018 annual budget review will review the VAT treatment of crypto-currencies. Pending policy clarity in this regard, SARS will not require VAT registration as a vendor for purposes of the supply of cryptocurrencies.
Right now, cryptocurrency is in a grey area, but if you’re familiar with cryptocurrencies this is no surprise. Investing in bitcoin today won’t put you in any greater of a risk than it is already. The best thing you can do is stay informed and up to date in the realm of cryptocurrency. Invest wisely and you can turn a profit in almost any market environment. If you’re going to be converting your bitcoin to rand, make sure you go through all the right channels, you wouldn’t want to have outstanding tax payments due.
If you’re looking at converting your bitcoin to rand use a reputable crypto exchange where you can achieve the highest price.
Share your feelings in regard to the government’s position regarding tax on cryptocurrency?
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5 Reason to buy Neo right NOW!

5 Reason to buy Neo right NOW!

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Investors buy NEO because of leading market cap and the active community in bear markets
Smart contracts are some of the lowest hanging fruit in the cryptocurrency industry
NEO supports multiple programming languages
Positive trends compared to bitcoin, in contrast with other altcoins that lose value
They make decentralisation a key focus

NEO Cryptocurrency
Why buy Neo? Because Neo has shown its community that it still remains a crypto worth buying, with actions, and not promises. Not only is NEO known as the Chinese Ethereum, but they are also known as one of the most active blockchain companies. Investors see a great project in Neo, worth investing in. During the past months, we have seen many ups and downs in the market. Although true, the markets did show some renewed life and there is a kind of excitement present amongst investors. Neo is gaining new trust and confidence.
5 Reasons to Buy NEO
The Bitcoin Magnet
A good reason to buy NEO (and not be ignored) is the fact that is was stable during the first half of 2018 bitcoin crash. The downward trend could have given more than one investor an ulcer. With this observation and the general mood in the crypto markets, it will be unwise to ignore the NEO buy signals. This crypto is ready to take full advantage of the market conditions and is currently a tasty BUY due to its undervalued trading price. Neo is moving with confidence. To merely say that Neo is a lessor crypto, might not do the coin justice. This is because the offer different unique solutions to separate problems. NEO history shows us that it follows Bitcoin, rather than contract. In a bear market it becomes a haven for altcoin deserters.
Smart Contracts
The focus of NEO on smart contracts of which there is a lot of interest and advantages in sets it apart from vanilla ICO offerings. Smart contracts which are a contract with a set of programmed rules, that can be automatically performed and therefore much faster.
Support for programming languages 
Supporting a lot more programming languages differentiates it from other cryptocurrencies. The importance of this is that a lot more companies can use the network of smart contracts in their own system. With more companies using NEO the more the cryptocurrency will be accepted which is good value for the coin.
Track Record
A fourth reason why it is time to buy NEO right now is the past performance of the coin. During the bull run of late last year and early this year. Neo succeeded to keep a stand against an ever dropping Bitcoin. However, although this was a very anxious time for Neo, they survived and they came out on the other end stronger.
Most coins wither and die before they reach the 1 billion mark, NEO is here to stay – @dahongfei
Focus on Decentralisation
The last, but not the least reason to invest in NEO, is the news that the platform has started decentralization. The Neo foundation announced in July the election of new consensus nodes that kick-started a new era of decentralization. The candidate node run by the City of Zion, after running smoothly on TestNet for over six months, got elected as the new consensus node. City of Zion (CoZ) is an independent, international group of open source developers working on NEO blockchain. As decentralization kicks off, so do the possibilities of actually achieving a global smart economy.
The coin has a strong community with a market cap of $ 1 201 011 516. This translates into a good active community with volume (24h ) $ 51 490 373 as of the writing.

Today @dahongfei attended "Upbit Developer Conference 2018" and gave a keynote speech about "Blockchain & Smart Economy". #NEO pic.twitter.com/4dRKk4StoB
— NEO Smart Economy (@NEO_Blockchain) September 14, 2018

What can go wrong?
Everything in life is not rosy. After all, you would not be reading this post if it was that easy to simply buy a coin and become rich overnight. Making money in any new industry is down to having knowledge which others don’t. I am not referring to Gordon Gekko type maneuvring. Very few people are aware of the opportunity which cryptocurrency provide as a wealth creation mechanism, so by simply having a few basic criteria to qualify your cryptocurrency investments, you can be one step ahead. (When you are out hunting and the lions are prowling, you don’t need to be fast, you just need to be faster than the slowest guy in your group, and you are good
Negative Comments about NEO
Like any cryptocurrency or even just start-up, NEO has its share of negative publicity. It makes for interesting reading on Reddit but does not really give any indication as to the value of NEO. There are no real investment experts willing to stake a reputation and the industry is simply too young. There are no historical models which to build off. NEO will, by and large, follow a similar trajectory to Ethereum, with the added benefit of hindsight.
NEO Will Survive the So-called Alt Apocalypse from NEO

There are very little negative things to say about NEO that does not apply to all cryptocurrency investments. One issue could be that regulation in China may adversely impact on the NEO platform if it does not achieve decentralisation first.
Where to buy/trade/exchange NEO
ICE3X provides the exchange platform where you can buy, sell, withdraw, deposit, trade, and exchange NEO for South African Rand or Bitcoin. 
NEO the not so new kid on the block is ready to rise to the challenge and become the cryptocurrency of choice.
The verdict on whether you should buy NEO
The conclusion is that the above reasons are just a few things that should prompt any wise investor to buy some NEO as we wait for the next bull run. There are 2 choices you can make: Firstly you can decide to go along with the project, holding for a year or two, or you can set a profit level to achieve, and then cash out during next bull run.
The outlook for NEO is positive as it is more likely to outperform its competitors than NOT!
Please do your own research and consider your personal investment criteria before making any quick decisions. 
What criteria do you measure your investments against? Do you currently have a cryptocurrency investment portfolio? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below.
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Crypto Phishing Scams – BEWARE | iCE3X

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Crypto Phishing Scams. What are they? In this article, we explore Phishing Scams and how it affects you. This article has nothing to do with “oom Frik-se-Dip shop”. If you do allow yourself to be phished, you will definitely only be telling stories of “the one that got away”.
Crypto Phishing Scams: What are they?
Crypto Phishing Scams range from basement computer operations to multi-billion Rand operations. Successful operators plan these crypto phishing scams very well. Аs a result, they make millions. This is in stark contrast to the anguish and suffering which it brings to the victims. Phishing is a big problem for legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges such as iCE3X. This is due to the fine balance that we have to strike between convenience and security. Users naturally can only contact the company (where their compromised details have been used). Users have no other recourse if they have been victims of crypto phishing scams. If the company’s services have been used or a users funds held on an account has been moved, the instant human reaction for the user is to seek help. The problem here is the company providing the service can not really assist the user, as their compromised credentials have been used.
These scams come in many forms

Email Phishing
This is the one most of us are familiar with. You receive an email which looks like it’s from your bank or building society, but in fact, it is a very well crafted fake email simply wanting you to click on a link which subsequently installs malware on your device which records everything your device does. It then transmits this information to the entity which sent the email to you. You are not special, no one is sitting and looking at you specifically. Usually, these gangs get a database full of internet email addresses from the dark web or scrapers. They then send hundreds of thousands of emails and get lucky when people are not protected.
Did you know you can simply add anything after the first part of your gmail address to create an instant alias email address which you can use as disposable email addresses. For example name@gmail.com. When you register on a website, lets say iCE3X.com, simply use name+ice3x@gmail.com

Influencing search results and google ads
This is a scary one. You do a google search for SARS website to do taxes and a “sponsored ad” pops up, you do not notice the spelling in the domain is slightly different and proceed to login, but nothing happens… You have just entered all your security details on a phishing site, which is probably using it to transact online using your money.

Social media, chat groups and forums
They catch you because you think you are amongst friends and you drop your guard ever so slightly. We have all become used to grabbing our phones every five minutes to check our messages. You can not blame yourself for clicking on a link in a group or chat you regularly visit. This is due to social media and newer trends such as facebook or lately telegram groups.

Targeted phishing
This is where criminals target you specifically. Hackers use a collection of methods along with social engineering to gain access to information about you through friends and family, LinkedIn contacts and leaked databases.

Why do we call it “Phishing”?
It goes back to 1996. Online scammers were “fishing” for AOL account passwords via email. At the time no-one really knew how to use email or what exactly it was supposed to do). “Ph” is a common hacker replacement for “f” tipping the hat at the original hacker culture known as “phreaking”. The first “hacker” John Draper who was also known as Captain Crunch coined the term. He is credited with the invention of the BLUEBOX, which was used to hack phone systems in order to make free long distance calls. Yes, this is a far cry from today’s crypto phishing scams.
Victims of a crypto phishing scam
The easier it is for you to access your crypto using technologies such as custodial wallets, the easier it is for a phisher to help themselves to your Catch!
Data Breaches
There are millions of records all over the internet which contain sensitive data. Simply using an email and password for account security is like leaving your house to go on holiday and just pulling the front door shut. (GP – We all know you spend half a day welding the burglar bars shut. Planting booby traps in the house and getting out the barbed wire to drag across the gate after the Hilux gets chased out by the overloaded Venter.)
Have a look at this website www.haveibeenpwned.com just to get an idea of the sheer amount of leaked data out there.
How to protect yourself against crypto phishing scams?
Being vigilant and paying attention is your first line of defence. Make use of technologies such as encryption, firewalls, malware protection and 2-factor authentication to create a robust defence. Scammers go for easy targets and vulnerable internet users. Always be suspicious if you receive an unexpected email and verify the email addresses of companies you regularly deal with.
You wouldn’t buy a gun and just put it in a safe without learning how to use it, would you?
When you place too much trust in mobile security
Mobile Apps are great and have many uses. They have enriched our lives and have simplified many things. Apps are also to blame for removing a natural layer of suspicion we possess as humans. In its convenience, an App can also pose many problems which we do not consider until its too late. For example, if you use a custodial crypto wallet to store your cryptocurrency. What will happen if a Court orders the operators of the platform to freeze the accounts? Gone is your cryptocurrency. So much for independent wealth or private money…
What will happen hackers gain access to the platform? Imagine a rogue employee leaking personal information… Gone is your crypto. These Apps are incredibly convenient, extremely well designed and easy to use, but they make you stupid. Be your own bank, understand where and how you store your own assets. It is easy to fall victim to such a crypto phishing scam.
Alternative defence strategy against crypto phishing scams
This post is by no means exhaustive (and we are not in the business of writing manuals for crooks). We do not cover all the types of attacks in existence here. The scammers think of new methods every day. Interesting read about sim-swapping (https://medium.com/@CodyBrown/how-to-lose-8k-worth-of-bitcoin-in-15-minutes-with-verizon-and-coinbase-com-ba75fb8d0bac).
The simplest way to defend yourself, above and beyond the basic security precautions, is to use your common sense. Now let that sink in for a minute. Ask yourself this, “Why would I try and find some clever convenient way to have my long-term investments accessible to me at all times”? Unless you are already on the run from the authorities or an angry ex, there simply is no valid reason for anyone not to store their private keys OFFLINE using a secure device such as Trezor to spend crypto when the need arises. If you are a victim of crypto phishing scams it will not matter as much. Your crypto is safe. The worlds most secure cryptography protects it. The idea of accessing your crypto at any time creates more problems than the perceived benefits thereof.
This may sound like counterintuitive advice against falling victim to crypto phishing scams, but consider this: The easier it is for you to access your crypto using technologies such as custodial wallets, the easier it is for a phisher to help themselves to your Catch!
The 10 best basic tips to protect yourself from crypto phishing scams:

Do not click on email links sent to you unless you are already expecting to receive the link.
When you have the option to copy and paste a URL, do so, instead of clicking on the “confirm” / “submit” links.
Install a security filter such as Mcafee SafeSearch or similar on your browser.
Make use of security, virus and malware software such as Mcafee or MalwareBytes. Furthermore, Get familiar with these products. You wouldn’t buy a gun and just put it in a safe without learning how to use it, would you?
Keep your crypto offline by using a paper wallet or hardware wallet.
Make backups of your private keys and have your crypto saved across multiple wallets.
Use 2-factor authentication. It’s free, it’s quick and it’s easy.
Never sign up for HYIP or MMM programs, this is how you become a target in the first place.
Do not brag about your crypto holdings on chat groups and social media.
Be wary of cloud mining programs offering high returns. Scammers set may of these up as honeypots.

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How is the Price of Bitcoin Calculated?

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How Does it Work?
In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created a set of specifications that resulted in the birth of the Cryptocurrency we now know as Bitcoin. Each Bitcoin unit’s transactions are logged in a blockchain, this blockchain is also used to determine the current owner of each unit of Bitcoin. Bitcoin miners process these transactions using specialized computers.
These computers process a multitude of blockchains in return for bitcoins or transaction fees as a reward. The Price of Bitcoin is determined by looking at the supply and demand for a unit. Users are determining the value of Bitcoin by using it around the World. This is also called bitcoin price discovery.
In other words, one of Bitcoin’s main factors in determining its value is its scarcity and its high demand.
Bitcoin is very transparent about the scarcity of their cryptocurrency. A limit of 21 million Bitcoins can be in circulation at one time.
Once 21 million units are in circulation, no more will be produced. In spite of that, there are over 17.2 Million Bitcoins in circulation. All bitcoins are worth the same value and bitcoins are divisible. This allows you to send and receive a small fraction of a Bitcoin.
Why the High Demand for Bitcoins?
Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. Using peer-to-peer networking, the Bitcoin protocol doesn’t depend on a centralized server in order for it to exist. For this reason, this is a crucial aspect of bitcoin as it means Bitcoins continued usage is not subject to any external authority’s approval, action or opinion.
As a new level of anonymity comes along with bitcoin, people often wonder whether or not bitcoin is legal.
“Real” Money vs Bitcoin
As Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, it exists almost entirely digitally. No physical cash.
But is there that much of a difference?
Did you know that about 90% of all U.S dollars are purely indefinite? They literally do not exist in any physical form. A Bank generates most of its money by charging interest on loans to their customers. In other words, if a bank has $10 billion in total, only $1 billion worth of that money will exist in physical form.
In May of 2012, James Surowiecki wrote an article reporting that “only about 10% of the money supply in the U.S (about $1.5 trillion of the ~%10 trillion total) exists in the form of physical paper cash and coins.
What is The Price of Bitcoin?
As of writing this article, the price of bitcoin is currently worth $6,293 USD (or 95,291 ZAR if you’re converting Bitcoin to Rand) for 1 unit. Also, this cryptocurrency is divisible. Meaning if you wanted to purchase $200 USD worth of bitcoin, you can purchase 0.032 bitcoin.

Sep 11, 2018 11:30:00 UTC | 6,270.70$ | 5,413.00€ | 4,818.10£ | #Bitcoin #btc pic.twitter.com/gqyosKUGf9
— Bitcoin Price Now (@NowBitcoinPrice) September 11, 2018

As this is a fairly new currency, it is extremely volatile. The price of bitcoin is subject to change daily. With this in mind, before you invest your money, make sure you’ve done enough research into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Just at the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin hit a high of $19,268.05 for a single bitcoin whereas it started at around $870 for one bitcoin at the beginning of 2017.
You can find in the following article more about how the price of bitcoin and Bitcoin to Rand Calculator.
What are Bitcoin Miners?
Bitcoin mining is essentially the backbone of Bitcoin. In particular, this is because miners provide security and confirm Bitcoin transactions. Without miners, the bitcoin network would constantly be under attack and highly dysfunctional.
Coupled with specialized computer systems, Bitcoin miners use these computers to solve computational maths problems in order to add new transactions to the large distributed public ledger commonly known as the “Blockchain”.
There are many different aspects of this cryptocurrency that add to its benefits, changing the price of bitcoin in tandem. Many features of Bitcoin outweigh traditional paper money and the incumbent systems that come with it.
With this in mind, Bitcoin’s key function of being a storage, accounting, and payment network is evident as countless users are regularly purchasing Bitcoins, transacting with bitcoins and using its networked ledger.
These are the “decision makers” when it comes to the price of bitcoin.
Did you know this is how the price of bitcoin is discovered? Leave your comments below.
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