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The iCE3X Android App is Now Live!

The iCE3X Android App is Now Live!

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We are very excited to announce that we now have an Android App for the iCE3X platform. We have many people ask us about an Android App and it is now available to download!
The iCE3X Android App has Full Exchange Functionality!

The app has all the functionality of the exchange website so that you can trade on the go. Using your Android phone or tablet, you don’t have to miss out on anything while using the app. You can check charts, make trades and make transfers just like on the platform website. While you are tweeting, you can check your portfolio on your device without missing a beat. You no longer need to be chained to your computer to stay on top of your trades when you have the iCE3X Android app.

The Help Desk Too!

You also have access to the help desk as well from the top menu where you can get the same great help and service from the website. That includes all the solutions in the knowledge base. You can check out all of the FAQs and How-Tos to find the perfect solution at your own pace. Alternatively, you can create a support ticket straight from the app. A member of the support team will get back to your ticket promptly and sort out your query in no time.
The Future of the App
We have some amazing upgrades planned in the next year for the app, which will bring features that we couldn’t pull off on a website alone. Keep up to date with the blog digest and the newsletter so you will get the latest news about the upcoming updates.
Go Get It Now!
— iCE3X (@ICE3X) December 21, 2018

You can download the iCE3X Android App on the Google Play Store. You can install it and get trading straight away with your iCE3X account. Let us know what you think of our app and any suggestions you have for us in the comments below. Please, remember to rate and review our app as well!

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Ethereum Exploit: ETH Miners Beware

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It seems as though Ethereum miners are in for even more of a hard time than usual. Hackers have recently found a new way to steal people’s crypto assets. They are running a massive scanning campaign for an Ethereum exploit to pick out Ethereum miners and wallets with a specific vulnerability.
A Non-Profitable Security Risk
Down by 90% from its all-time high, Ethereum mining has been a nightmare these past few months. According to a new report by ZDNet, Ethereum miners are currently the best targets for crypto hackers due to an Ethereum exploit.
Attackers are scanning for any devices running with the port 8545 open online. The JSON-RPC interface for both Ethereum wallets and mining equipment operate on this port. This is a programmatic API; used by locally-installed apps and services to query for funds and mining-related information.

Think you’re working hard at making an extra income even while prices are down? If you’re not careful and don’t heed the warnings about port 8545, you may just see all your ETH disappear overnight. #decrypted #blockchain #ethereum #mining
— Decrypt[ed] (@decrypt_ed) December 13, 2018

Technically, this interface should only be available locally. Though some wallet apps and mining hardware keep it enabled on all interfaces. As well as this, when this JSON-RPC interface is on; there is no password set for the default configuration, relying on the user to set one.
While many mining rig manufacturers and crypto wallet developers have taken precautions to limit the risk of exposure on port 8545, it wasn’t an industry effort.
Ethereum Exploit
Even though Ethereum scanning campaigns have been prevalent over the last two years; this is the first time these scans have been reported during a bear market. In light of this, a report from Tory Mursch, co-founder of Bad Packets LLC; states that scan campaigns tripled in December in comparison to the previous month.
Despite the price of cryptocurrency crashing into the gutter, free money is still free, even if it’s pennies a day
One of the most shocking things regarding these scans is how easy it is to procure the tools to take advantage of this Ethereum exploit for clients with a vulnerability on port 8545. Over 4,700 devices including mainly Geth mining rigs and Parity wallets are the most vulnerable.
Even though prices may be down right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that cryptocurrency is worthless. While it’s true Ethereum is currently trading at far lower than its all-time high., 1 token still holds far more value than any fiat currency in the world. I’d advise our users to take this article as a warning and to ensure their mining equipment and wallet isn’t at risk. This Ethereum exploit could cost users all their tokens.
If you got your Ethereums mined and want to trade, get into most trusted South African cryptocurrency exchange – iCE3X and start trading now!
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An Extensive Guide to Dogecoin Mining: Everything You Need to Know

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Dogecoin is a currency based on an internet dog meme. If you thought it can’t get much better than that, wait until you find out how to mine it. That’s right, Dogecoin is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency, able to be mined just like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this post, we will be going over what DOGE is, and how to start mining it yourself.
About Dogecoin
Dogecoin has been around since December 2013, making it a first gen cryptocurrency. Back in it’s prime, Dogecoin was up in the ranks, often in comparison with Litecoin and Bitcoin. While internet memes usually have a short lifespan, there are many technical reasons that keep Dogecoin relevant, even in the long term. Currently, Dogecoin is rank #20 in terms of market capitalization, currently at $251.14M
Dogecoin Mining

Today we celebrate the 5th birthday of Dogecoin by sharing the OG Doge Meme that started it all, wow, such birthday!#Dogecoin #memes #crypto #cryptocurrency #doge #tothemoon #wow #moonsoon #dogecoinmoon #original #classic #first
— Dogecoin Memes (@DogecoinMemes) December 6, 2018

Dogecoin mining works just like any other cryptocurrency that uses the PoW consensus mechanism. The process of verifying Dogecoin transactions on its native blockchain will reward you with new Dogecoins. While DOGE is a PoW token, there are many features that make it different from other coins. For example:
Mining Algorithm:
Dogecoin uses the Scrypt mining algorithm. Scrypt uses far less computing power than the SHA-256 algorithm used by Bitcoin. As well as this, it’s also much faster to mine a block.
Block Time:
The average time it takes to verify a block of transactions and add it to the blockchain is also vastly better. For example, Bitcoin has a block time of 10 minutes. Litecoin aims to be 4x faster than bitcoin, and the result of that is 2.5 minute block times. But Dogecoin takes the cake, with a block time of 1 minute.
Mining Difficulty:
All cryptocurrencies have their own mining difficulty. This is in place as a tool to estimate your probability of winning the lottery that is cryptocurrency mining. Usually, the network difficulty is determined by the number of miners on the network. Dogecoin has a difficulty of 2713482.2088, making it 1 million times less difficult to mine than Bitcoin.
Mining rewards are the amount of freshly minted coins that miners will receive for mining a new block of transactions. Dogecoin offers 10,000 DOGE per block (about $20).
Dogecoin Mining Software
Regardless of the mining hardware that you’re using, you’re going to need some software to go with it. When mining cryptocurrencies, one of the best things you can do is find a piece of software that works best with your hardware. Here is a short list of some good free mining software:

GPU: If you’re attempting Dogecoin mining with your GPU, some options you can choose from are: CudaMiner (Best for Nvidia products), CGminer (Compatible with most GPU hardware) and EasyMiner (User-friendly, good for new starters)
Scrypt ASIC miner: MultiMiner is a great option for mining Scrypt based cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Dogecoin. CGminer and EasyMiner also work with Scrypt-based ASIC miners.

Most people mine Dogecoin because it’s fun, and they are loyal members of the Dogecoin community. Dogecoin is probably the most popular coin for first-time miners and random people who just want to get into crypto in a fun way. While the coin may not hold much value (at the time of writing; 1 DOGE = $0.00207581), for a coin that was expected to die just weeks after it’s launch, it’s not doing too bad.
Any coin that can go 5 years past its expiration date and still be relevant is a good coin in my books.
Don’t wonder why iCE3X is listing DogeCoin. We also like things with feature and not less having fun!
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Ledger Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet GIVEAWAY | JAN 2019 | iCE3X

Ledger Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet GIVEAWAY | JAN 2019 | iCE3X

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New Year! New giveaway! The iCE3X Crypto Wallet Giveaway allow participants the chance to get their hands on a brand new LEDGER Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. We are offering the Ledger Nano S as the first prize for the lucky draw in our giveaway (which has an approximate value of R2000.00). The competition is running from 1 January 2018 and will finish on 31 January 2019 at 12 am GMT+2. The Ledger Giveaway for January 2019 is running now!!!
Your Online Security
Online security is very important and most noteworthy when it comes to your cryptocurrency.
As everyone knows you should never store your cryptocurrency on an exchange or custodial wallet, but rather in a wallet that you control the private keys for.
The Ledger Nano S is one of the latest “next generation” hardware wallets on offer by the French company, Ledger. It is also the best combination of security and ease of use for storing your cryptocurrency securely.
7 Ways to enter the Ledger Nano S Competition
LEDGER Crypto Wallet Giveaway | January 2019
How To Enter the Ledger Giveaway for January 2019
There are 7 different ways to enter the crypto wallet giveaway. Firstly you can simply enter using the entry widget in this post and get as many extra entries as you like. Remember to share your affiliate link and tag us on social media, or else you can not be eligible!
You MUST share your affiliate link and tag us in the post for your entry to be considered.

Especially relevant is to find your affiliate code here:
Tag us on social media when you share your affiliate link using: @ICE3X
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Example of a post:
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If you use the above example, please also remember to change the affiliate link, to your link on the exchange which you can also find here Learn more about the affiliate program and the commission structure on the exchange here:
Congratulations to the Winners of the December 2018 Competition:
Our lucky 1st prize winner for the December 2018 giveaway is Neil Jeffrey Love. You can also see the list of TFDP winners below:

Rules for the Crypto Wallet GIVEAWAY

You can enter our Crypto Wallet GIVEAWAY as many times as you like. In fact, you should set a daily reminder 
Please share your affiliate link as a status update/comment. Furthermore, you have to tag us (@ICE3X) for your entry to be considered for the Ledger Giveaway January 2019.

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Complete In-Depth Guide About Bitcoin Cash Mining!

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If you’re a dedicated Bitcoin Cash user, there is a way you can support the network and earn some BCH simultaneously. Bitcoin Cash mining works similarly to Bitcoin mining, though there are a few differences we will go over in this guide. Miners receive rewards for successfully mining a block of transactions and adding it to the blockchain. On the Bitcoin Cash network, the reward is 12.5 BCH per block as well as all transaction fees that were charged within the block.
Is Bitcoin Cash Mining Profitable?
Depending on how serious you’re willing to take it, yes. Nowadays, specialized mining hardware rules the mining scene. ASIC miners blow GPU and CPU mining out of the water, so if you actually want to turn a profit, you’re going to need to spend some money. But before you invest, you should take a look at mining profitability calculator. In order to use this calculator properly, you’ll need to find out your computer’s hash rate. If you’re using an ASIC miner, find the hash rate it puts out.
Is Bitcoin Cash Better to mine than Bitcoin?
While the process of Bitcoin Cash mining is similar to Bitcoin mining, there are a few key differences. One of the most significant differences between them is their block size limit. Bitcoin Cash has a block size of 8mb while Bitcoin only has a block size of 1mb. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. For example, bigger blocks require more computing power to mine, which also means a bigger investment. But by the same stroke, bigger blocks also have more transaction fees the miner can collect.
As both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin share the same blockchain, the rewards given for every block mined is the same. 12.5 tokens are distributed whether you’re mining Bitcoin or mining Bitcoin Cash. As of writing this post, Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $4000, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at $170. The difference in price between these two coins is huge. As a result, in an attempt to attract more miners to the BCH network, the mining difficulty for BCH is significantly lower than Bitcoin’s. This is where EDAs (Emergency Difficulty Adjustments) are a huge help.
An EDA triggered the instant an automatic difficulty recalibration made Bitcoin Cash 300% more difficult to mine. This attracted many miners back to the BCH network. But what’s most interesting about this, is the fact that many of them continued to mine at a loss. Some people believe this was simply due to miners believing in BCH, sticking with the fork.

Contentious hard forks are fascinating: the epitome of all that is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash will shortly hard fork into two chains. There are threats of game theory (mining) attacks, of attacking the engineering of networks with spam or zero day attacks, and of
— Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul) November 15, 2018

Mining Bitcoin Cash
Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) use the same hashing algorithm SHA256. As a result, they are battling for hashing power from the same group of miners. Be that as it may, Bitcoin Cash is renowned for being more profitable to mine due to lower difficulty levels. The largest Bitcoin Cash mining pools are ViaBTC, AntPool, BTC. Top, and The profitability of mining a crypto coin depends on the value it holds, the fees included, and the network difficulty for mining. Network difficulty will steadily increase as more miners join the fold, contributing their hashing power to mining the coin. This lowers overall mining profitability.
Currently, Bitcoin cash is working hard to reverse the trend in which very few online merchants accept BCH as payment. By adopting larger block sizes, this can be made possible. Bitcoin Cash also refuses to implement SegWit. With these systems in place, Bitcoin Cash will see a jump in scalability, allowing the blockchain to support more total transactions. The term for this is ‘on-chain scaling’. This could result in higher prices for BCH tokens, which will increase the profitability of Bitcoin Cash mining as a result.
If mining is too big of a commitment for you, trading is always an option. Especially now while the markets are low. Buy low, sell high! Bitcoin cash mining can be profitable in almost any market environment so long as your mining conditions are correct. If you’re not spending too much on hardware and electricity costs, turning a profit is easy. However, in order to make a profit worth the effort, you may need to consider creating a mining farm with either multiple ASIC miners, or multiple GPUs. Cryptocurrency mining is highly competitive, so without the right hardware, you risk mining at a loss.
At iCE3X we are supporting Bitcoin Cash as a coin, and if you are a trader, you are very welcome to start trading on our cryptocurrency exchange platform.
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Dash (DASH) Coin Profile

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The name ‘Dash’ derived from the synonym for cryptocurrency – ‘Digital Cash’. As a result, Dash refers to themselves as a “revolutionary digital money system” by providing their users with digital cash they’re able to “spend anywhere”. So what is a DASH token, and why do they deem themselves revolutionary?
What is a Dash Token (DASH)?
Originally known as ‘Xcoin’ Dash was founded by Evan Duffield and launched in 2014. Much like most cryptocurrencies on the market these days, the DASH token was inspired by Bitcoin and attempted to make a better version of it.
Some features that many altcoin investors like about the DASH token its the fact that it’s movable, divisible, cost-effective and instant. Using Dash, sellers, buyers, and traders are able to make transactions both online and in person with significantly low transaction fees.
Dash aims to be one of the most scalable and user-friendly payment systems in the world. One of the many features Dash offers its users is an ‘InstaSend’ option. If users would like a transaction to be done quickly (for merchants etc) they can enable this option. InstaSend transactions take a mere 2 seconds to process. There’s also a ‘PrivateSend’ option for users who’d like some extra security and privacy for their transactions.
This decentralized governance and budgeting system makes it one of the first ever successful decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)
As DASH is a decentralized cryptocurrency, it retains a self-governing and self-funding model. With this in mind, users on the Dash network add value to the network whenever they transact on it. Governance and Treasury allows DASH stakeholders to have a say in the course of the project, all while providing 10% of each block reward to the development of the project.

Dash Evolution
While the DASH token is the most popular option, there is also a decentralized currency platform built into the Dash blockchain. This is Dash Evolution. This platform aims to help create decentralized technology available all around the world, all while making Dash’s exclusive benefits easily accessible to the public.
With this in mind, Dash chose to use layers in which several jobs for the Dash network are able to be done. API access and a decentralized file system are all features of this platform.
Dash states they will be releasing the Dash Evolution platform in stages:

Dash core launches updates 12.1 to 12.4, all including decentralized features.
The Alpha version of Dash Evolution will implement DashDrive, Primitives, a T3 wallet and DAPI.
DIPs (Dash Improvement Proposals)
Testnet phase including basic functionality

As stated by Dash, here are a few features they are currently working on:
DashDrive: A decentralized shared file system for user data that lives on the second tier network
DAPI: A decentralized API which allows third tier users to access the network securely
DashPay Decentralized Wallets: These wallets are light clients connected to the network via DAPI and run on various platforms
Second Tier: The masternode network, which provides compensated infrastructure for the project
Budgets: The second tier is given voting power to allocate funds for specific projects on the network; via the budget system
Governance: The second tier is given voting power to govern the currency and chart the course the currency takes
Quorum Chain: This feature introduces a permanent stable masternode list, which can calculate past and present quorums
Social Wallet: We introduce a social wallet, which allows friends lists, grouping of users and shared multisig accounts.
How Does Dash Mining Work?
DASH is a PoW cryptocurrency. People can mine DASH with a GPU, CPU or ASIC miner. However, there is a difference that separates Dash from most other cryptocurrencies. Dash miners will also earn rewards for running and maintaining special servers named masternodes.
Essentially, masternodes are the fuel that powers InstantSend and PrivateSend transactions, as well as the governance and treasury systems. These masternodes are on their own layer of nework servers, working in secured clusters called ‘quorums’. Quorums enable decentralized services that include increased privacy, instant transactions and governance. All while eliminating prospective low-cost network attacks.
Dash users earn rewards for running masternodes. 45% of each block reward is put aside to pay for the masternodes network. Be that as it may, the Dash network requires all users running masternodes to possess 1000 DASH tokens
Users running Masternodes earn proposal-voting rights. This means that each masternode has 1 vote. They can use this for various different things such as Dash budget proposals or even new project decisions. As running a Masternode has hosting costs, they are paid an 8% return on each full block reward of 1000 DASH as an incentive.
Transactions on the Dash Network
Dash records transactions in blocks on the Dash blockchain, working similarly to most cryptocurrencies. Each transaction size is only a few bytes. Though, the number of output and input addresses involved heavily impacts the size of the transaction.
As the Dash blockchain is decentralized and miners are being paid DASH token through block rewards, spam transactions are not uncommon. In order to prevent these fraudulent transactions, there is a limit to the size of each block. If the number of transactions increase, block spaces become scarce very quickly.
With DASH, miners are able to include the transaction in the block they generate. As a result, more miners join the fold due to this attempt to provide even more incentive for miners to continue mining DASH.
To promote consistent growth of these cost-efficient DASH transactions, the dash team increased the Dash block size from 1mb to 2mb. This allows InstantSend and PrivateSend transactions to operate on a different mandatory fee schedule.
Dash implemented the PrivateSend feature by creating denominations of 10,1,0.1 and 0.01 DASH. Next, these denominations mix with other DASH users. For standard transactions, creating a denomination costs a default fee. But mixing them is free except on an average of 1 in 10 occasion in which there is a charge of 0.001 DASH in order to prevent spam.
All mixed spending inputs will either include the standard fee or the InstantSend fee. Dash states:
To avoid creating a potentially identifiable change address, the fee rounds up to the lowest possible denomination.
Equivalent to 0.01 DASH
An average DASH token transaction with a single input and output with a change address will be within the range of 200-400 bytes. As per Dash’s example, if 1 Dash costs 800 Rand, the fee would cost between R0.0015 and R0.0030. If using InstantSend at the same price, you add an extra R0.08 to the transaction.
Combining both the InstantSend option with PrivateSend could result in an accumulation of high fees. This is because PrivateSend transactions may require several inputs, and InstantSend charges 0.0001 DASH per input.
Why invest in DASH?
All things considered, 2 questions still remain. Is the Dash token worth its current valuation? Is it worth investing in? While I can’t (and won’t) tell you what to do with your money, I can detail some promising features DASH has that caught investor interest.

When using InstantSend, transactions take less than 2 seconds to process.
All transactions, activity history and balances are secure and kept anonymous with PrivateSend.
As an extra layer of security, 200 TH/s of ASIC processing power, as well as over 4,500 servers across the globe confirm all DASH transactions.
Miners mining on the Dash peer-to-peer network receive block rewards for securing a new block and broadcasting it to the blockchain
Masternodes also earn DASH token rewards for validating, serving and storing the Dash blockchain for users.
Dash is the first self-funding, self-governing blockchain protocol in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As a result, if you operate a masternode, you are able to submit a Treasury proposal, present your ideas to the network and vote.
Dash Evolution allows users to sign up and access Dash from anywhere in the world, all while maintaining complete decentralization.

We think the DASH token is definitely a promising cryptocurrency. For users who want faster transactions and greater security for their everyday transactions, Dash provides a great alternative to fiat currency or even bitcoin.
It’s highly unlikely that DASH will die any time soon. Despite it having competitors like Monero and PIVX, Dash is easily the more flexible option. Coupled with solid infrastructure and a user-friendly configuration, Dash definitely sets itself apart from the crowd and proves itself to be a promising currency worthy of investing in.
We also have Coin Profiles for other coins we list on our cryptocurrency exchange such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, and Monero.
Will you be investing in DASH? Our Dash market offers quick and easy trading to help all our users build up their crypto portfolios with ease. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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