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What Are Altcoins and Who Are the Altcoin Traders?

What Are Altcoins and Who Are the Altcoin Traders?

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Generally, when people think cryptocurrency, they think bitcoin. While it is the most popular cryptocurrency, there are many other competitors in this market.  Altcoin traders use the term ‘altcoins’ when referring to cryptocurrencies that aren’t bitcoin; i.e alternatives to bitcoin. Altcoin trading grew in popularity during bitcoin’s period of harsh volatility. But are they worthy of their own buzz though?

What is your favorite altcoin to hold for the next 1-2 years?$BTC $ETH $LTC $NEO $XRP $OCN $TRX $LINK $HOT $BCH $WAN $ETC $LISK
— Muse (@cryptomuse) September 26, 2018

What are Altcoins?
At its root, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, but technically it is more than just a currency. It’s a software that people can run (Bitcoin Core), as well as a blockchain that keeps track of every transaction that takes place on the bitcoin network. The blockchain determines who owns which bitcoins. Though the concept of a blockchain was developed by the creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, other people are free to create their own blockchains and cryptocurrencies. This is how altcoins came into existence, as this is generally what cryptocurrencies are.
Altcoin traders are any traders who trade in currencies that are not bitcoin. These coins may include Ethereum, XRP Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero.

Litecoin was originally a “copy” of bitcoin. Its focus is to use a different proof-of-work system, focusing on using more memory as opposed to bitcoin; which uses more energy and processing power. The Litecoin network attempts to complete blocks 4x faster than bitcoin in order to speed up a transaction.

 XRP Ripple:

Ripple is a private company. Some banks use Ripple to negotiate cross-border payments, though, at the moment they’re only sending digital IOUs, then settling the deal with traditional fiat currency instead of XRP tokens. Its stability is often a big selling point for XRP, but it lacks blockchain technology making it more private. This is a benefit for users that want anonymity but opens XRP up to misuse in the process. There are serious concerns over the issuance/decentralisation of XRP

Bitcoin Cash:

Another bitcoin fork introduced in August 2017. Now, bitcoin cash has become a separate cryptocurrency completely, despite the name. Bitcoin cash has a focus on architectural changes resulting in faster transaction speeds and lower fees compared to bitcoin. As it stands, most bitcoin cash users are simply waiting for infrastructure (payment services and wallets) to become available.


The Ethereum platform generates the currency known as Ether. As a result, this cryptocurrency is often known as Ethereum. The Ethereum platform is a public ledger technology for applications, making it possible for companies to build on. Ethereum brings about smart contracts that are able to be coded in a variety of programming languages, allowing for automatic payments to be set up.


Monero offers more anonymity than bitcoin does. Even though Monero also uses public addresses
(example: 73RC3omZSUYCmJRskCUx2tV5oB5tLFrp58AeMYLrFhcz2gmUVQHiHu65nG5CS2mvcfgKFC5fPtq6DHkJ), the amount of funds the public address owns is not shown on the blockchain. Bitcoin users have all their transactions on the blockchain, allowing anyone to see when you’re sending bitcoins, and how much. Monero doesn’t.

Altcoin Traders
If you’re considering becoming an altcoin trader, it may be worth noting that analyzing charts on face-value alone will not depict the whole scene. In the case of BTC (Bitcoin) and altcoins, both parties are in a highly speculative state in the current market. Despite this, altcoins can provide a valuable alternative to bitcoin. Though it can often be difficult to decide which one you should invest in, it may be a good idea to keep your eye on both markets to see what happens. As it stands, bitcoin is highly volatile. For traders, this is a ride they’re willing to go on, but for those new to the cryptocurrency industry, a more stable, a cheaper alternative may be better.
There is currently no feature that bitcoin has that will keep people using it even if something better comes along.
Even if cryptocurrency is the future of currency, and blockchain technology becomes used worldwide, Bitcoin could still become entirely worthless. A switch to altcoins could leave bitcoin in the past, and we wouldn’t be missing out on anything special in the process. Altcoin traders are well aware of this situation and are often trying to find out which altcoin will be next up to follow in bitcoin’s footsteps to be the biggest cryptocurrency.
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Mastercard aim to make Bitcoin transactions possible on credit cards

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Ever wished you could just pay for an item in bitcoin with your credit card? Well, thanks to MasterCard, paying for everyday items with bitcoin is another step closer to reality. Bitcoin transactions could be coming to MasterCard following their latest patent.
Bitcoin on Credit Cards
Thanks to MasterCard, bitcoin transactions may become more common in our everyday lives. It may soon be possible to link cryptocurrency to a fiat currency bank account. Mastercard secured the right to protect a method that manages “fractional reserves of blockchain currency”. This means that Mastercard will be able to provide a new type of user account; allowing customers the ability to transact in cryptocurrency. This will allow users a quick exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

B2B Onboarding Streamlined Via Mastercard Track PYMNTScom #Blockchain #Bitcoin #BTC
— BitcoinAgile (@bitcoinagile) September 13, 2018

MasterCard’s Patent
In the patent, published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, Mastercard stated that there has been an increased usage in blockchain currencies that value anonymity and security. It goes on, saying;
“It often takes a significant amount of time, around ten minutes, for a blockchain-based transaction to be processed … Conversely, traditional fiat payment transactions that are processed using payment networks often have processing times that are measured in nanoseconds … Therefore, many entities, particularly merchants, retailers, service providers, and other purveyors of goods and services, may be wary of accepting blockchain currency for products and participating in blockchain transactions.”
Transactions made using this new technology will use the fiat currency’s payment rails and security features, but each transaction will be represented by a cryptocurrency. Mastercard followed this by saying;
“payment networks may be able to evaluate the likelihood of fraud and assess risk for blockchain transactions using existing fraud and risk algorithms and information that is available to payment networks, such as historical fiat and blockchain transaction data, credit bureau data, demographic information, etc., that is unavailable for use in blockchain networks.”
This is not the first time Mastercard has shown interest in cryptocurrencies either. They have previously applied for a separate patent addressing consumer protection in the cryptocurrency world. Last year’s patent focused on building refund services for cryptocurrency transactions.
The Disadvantages of Digital Currency
The MasterCard patent also acknowledged the fact that there can be significant disadvantages when using digital currency. This is because there is a need to improve the storage and processing power for these transactions.
Using the blockchain, digital transactions can take far longer than traditional card payments using fiat currencies. Where a traditional card payment may only take a few seconds, digital coin transactions can take up to 10 minutes.
For merchants, this could be a bad thing as it may even require some of them to rely on the payer’s good faith, and hope that they actually sent the funds. The patent touched on this, saying
“Many entities, particularly merchants, retailers, service providers, and other purveyors of goods and services, may be wary of accepting blockchain currency for products and participating in blockchain transactions”
Mastercard’s system would use fractional reserve banking, the conventional way banks store their money. Only a fraction of the deposits in your account exist as physical cash available for withdrawal.
We think this could prove to be a huge step forward for cryptocurrency. With big financial service corporations becoming more interested in the opportunities cryptocurrency presents, people will be more willing to dip their toe in the water. The realm of cryptocurrency in its current state may seem daunting; big fluctuations in its value, governments either outright banning the use of cryptocurrency, or making it difficult to use. When large corporations such as MasterCard take all the disadvantages into consideration and still move forward with cryptocurrency, it’s a huge step forward for the industry.
Are you excited as we are, about this huge future step into cryptocurrency world?
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Bitcoin Meetup – The Best Way to Get Started in Crypto

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A bitcoin meetup is the best way to get started in crypto. You can meet a whole new group of people who are similarly interested in crypto. Normally, these bitcoin meetups will have guest speakers who can give educational presentations and give their expert opinion. There is also a lot of time for you to talk to as many people possible and socialize. You will also find others that endorse iCE3X as a great exchange to trade your fiat and cryptocurrency in South Africa.
Why go to a bitcoin meetup?
A bitcoin meetup is a great place to learn. The cryptocurrency space is continuing to evolve rapidly. A meetup affords you a great opportunity to get in touch with experts in the field who are at the forefront of this industry. This is a great opportunity to debate with others in a similar situation to you. They are people you would not be able to meet or find otherwise. Challenge your understanding and always ask questions. The more you know, the better equipped you will be when dealing with bitcoin. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the most knowledgeable ones there and you will be the expert.
All during this time, you will also be networking. You will meet people who have the expertise. There will also be people who have amazing connections who are ready to invest. You may even find people you may want to work with. Networking is a great way to expand your reach and influence, and sometimes it is the best way to get your next partner, your next employee or your next boss. A meetup is a great place to begin your recruitment drive.
How does it work?
There are a couple of different formats that these meetups can take. In-person meetups get you into the same room as the speakers and the general audience. Virtual meetups allow the attendees to join from anywhere and being able to interact with the other attendees via chat or forums. Webcasts are the final option. They allow you to consume the presentations and other content at your own convenience whenever or where you want.
In-person meetups give you the best access to the attendees and speakers to network and debate but you all have to be in the same venue.
There are many pros and cons for each of these.
In-person meetups give you the best access to the attendees and speakers to network and debate but you all have to be in the same venue. They are usually the best for newcomers and meet in groups with 4 or 5 people to bigger meetups with over 200+ attendees.
Depending on where it is, getting to the meetup could be costly when you consider travel costs, time off from work and the cost of the meetup itself depending on where it is hosted. Local meetups will cost you less to get to and is more likely to be a regular event, so finding one near you is to your advantage.
Virtual meetups and webcasts dodge a lot of these problems but restrict the access you can get with the whole community compared to being there in person. You are going to have to weigh up the costs and benefits for these on a case by case basis and make a judgment on what is best for you.
Where do you find a local bitcoin meetup?
Referrals are the best way to find a good local event. This is because people are not going to recommend a bitcoin meetup unless it is actually good. If people are raving about a regular meetup, that shows that this meetup has a good track record and is beneficial enough for people to come back for more.
Not all your friends or contacts will have the answer but the internet is always there to help you out. is an example in Cape Town for example. If you are travelling you could also see what meetups are happening in the area you are staying in. This is a great opportunity to expand your international network. Or you can plan to go to a huge bitcoin meetup in a major city, and you can plan some holiday time around it!
Telegram groups have also become a really good resource for bitcoin meetup information. As one is coming up, everyone is naturally going to talk more about it as they are excited to go. @bitcoinzar & @sacrypto have great Telegram chat channels focussing on the South African crypto market.
Just watch out for the meetups which are advertised to you. If they are advertising to you, they definitely want to sell you something. They either want to sell you a product or an expensive conference ticket. There are plenty of free meetups which will benefit you much more.
Deciding which bitcoin meetups to attend
When looking for a bitcoin meetup to attend you need to look at a couple of things:

Find out who is organizing the meetup. If they normally run meetups regularly and have a good reputation, you can trust that the event is above board.
Evaluate the size of the meetup with your expectations. Maybe you just want a small intimate meetup. Alternatively, a large meetup will mean a higher chance you will meet the right people who you want to network with.
Double Check the cost of the meetup. There are plenty of free bitcoin meetups available but be aware of the prices of meetups. Some meetups have to recoup the costs of the event space, the speaker and refreshments. Weigh up the costs compared to what you can get out of it.

TIP: An early warning sign is an “early-bird ticket promotion”. You have to ask yourself: “Is the organiser making money because I am attending?” (my attendance providing foot traffic which they monitize with advertising / sponsorhip). Are the speakers paid or are they gratis? Perhaps the speakers paid to pitch? If the answer is YES, then you are buying a ticket to an event which is asking you to pay them just so they can advertise to you.
What to look out for!
There are a few things to be aware of when you attend meetups:

Beware of scams. Some meetups may be a disguise to try to sign you up for a Ponzi scheme or a multi-level marketing scheme. Do not fall for these. If you are not getting actual value out of these meetups, just get out of there!
The meetups are for networking and learning. If they are trying their hardest to get you to subscribe to a service or upsell you a product, you shouldn’t be wasting your time.
Most of these meetups recoup the costs through sponsorships which means you can usually get in for free. Although they are sponsored you should do your own research about them. Do not just take the sponsorship as a blind endorsement.

— Alish Hamdi (@testosteronic) September 27, 2018

What makes a great meetup
You can definitely see how a bitcoin meetup can be the best way to start in crypto. A great bitcoin meetup will allow you to network with the right people and expand your understanding. (The best bitcoin meetups also usually throw in free beer and pizza). Enjoy the perks and we hope to see you at a local bitcoin meetup soon!
Have you been a part of any meetup so far? Do you want to attend or if you were a part which one was your most favourite? Share we us your experience.
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Rand Pricing for Bitcoin. What you should know first!

Rand Pricing for Bitcoin. What you should know first!

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Bitcoin to Rand Price? Why do people really care about the Bitcoin price? It’s the first mistake. The bitcoin price is one bitcoin. After all one bitcoin is only worth one bitcoin. This can be a very difficult concept to grasp due to its simplicity. Scrambling around to find a bitcoin price on the internet during bull markets is a fundamental error.
Reactionary bitcoin investment
What a lot of people seem to do is react to the Market news. They read or hear news about an ETA ruling that some regulators are making or major exchange launching a new coin. Then, based solely on that piece of information they make an investment decision. (Another culprit is media outlets publishing sponsored content from ICO scams, whipping readers into a frenzy to invest in something nobody has heard of… and most likely never will).
There is no such a thing as investing your bitcoin.
Investing your bitcoin
There is no such a thing as investing your bitcoin. Bitcoin itself is the investment. Bitcoin has a value in terms of a FIAT currency like the South African Rand, United States Dollar or the British Pound. The bitcoin values/prices in FIAT money can be measured, at any point in time, but there are many factors to consider. For example, a common way to “value” bitcoin is simply doing a Google search to come up with a rand to bitcoin exchange rate. This works quite well for major foreign currencies, but not so much for crypto. I’ll explain the problem.
Dollar vs Rand
FIAT currencies such as the Rand or Euro are all managed by their respective governments, furthermore, there are strict international monetary policy, regulations and controls in place. There are agencies which monitor this across the globe. This cooperation allows for the international financial systems to function and interact. As a result, we are able to grow commerce and industry across borders. These currencies are not wealth creation mechanisms themselves. The services and products built around FIAT currencies may become centralized wealth creation mechanisms. Bitcoin, in contrast, is a true wealth creation mechanism akin to gold.

When you do a search on Google for “rand to dollar”, you immediately get a nice little box which pops up and greets you with pretty much a spot-on exchange rate for the chosen currency. Google get these rates from official indices. You would not be a fool to do your holiday planning based on this exchange rate (Ok, the Rand is a bad example, but you get the point). If you called your bank up to provide you with a rate, it will be pretty close to the “Google” rate.
Bitcoin vs Rand

If you now do a search for “bitcoin to rand” you will get the same cute little box and have yourself an exchange rate for bitcoin. But do you? No, you do NOT, and here is the reason why: Bitcoin’s FIAT value is only that which someone will actually pay you for a bitcoin or sell bitcoin to you. NOT a promise, an actual transaction. Only after the transaction is concluded you can confirm the bitcoin price/value for that specific transaction, as this would not automatically apply to any subsequent transactions.

Google simply look at some major cryptocurrency exchanges and use their average trading rates to calculate a bitcoin to dollar exchange rate. They then use the google ZAR/USD mean rate to give you a South African Rand price for bitcoin. In practice, this will hardly ever be the rate you get. Bitcoin, for example, is more expensive in South Africa than in Europe or the US. This is because of factors such as exchange controls, import duties on equipment, and even the fact that we have an ailing electricity infrastructure makes bitcoin mining uneconomical in South Africa.

R1 = $0.07
R1 = ₿0.000011 (90,910)
$1 =₿0.00015

Let’s go from bitcoin to Rand to the Dollar. To do this we need to take the Rand exchange rate we get from Google for one bitcoin. We then multiply that with ZAR/USD exchange rate.
(₿1 = R90,910 * 0.07 = $6,363)
If we look at Bitstamp we see bitcoin trading for around $6525 (R93,307). So already there is a variation of  3% to 5%. This is before taking fees and commisions into consideration. Staying with this example we can already conclude that the Google bitcoin to rand exchange rate is guestimating at best. We can take this a step further and look at the bitcoin to Rand exchange rate on a local cryptocurrency exchange like iCE3X.

Here we see that bitcoin is trading in the range of R96,000 – R98,000 ($6770 – $6900). This means that if you take 1 bitcoin and now decide to sell it, you can make nearly 10% higher return by selling on a local exchange which uses the Rand as a base currency. Conversely, if you are looking to BUY a bitcoin, you are in for a shock. Your Google search primed you to spend around R90,910 to buy a bitcoin. You look at the exchange and the cheapest bitcoin is selling for around R96,000+.  Your purchase is now nearly 10% more expensive by the time you checkout.
A more accurate way to value your bitcoin in Rand would be to look at a local exchange order book in Rand. (by the way, you can do this here) If you now look at the last price, the highest BUY offer and the lowest SELL offer you will get a much more realistic idea of what you bitcoin is worth in Rand. This is not how much you will get in the bank, this is an indication of the trading range.
How can bitcoin then be a store of value?
Right now, bitcoin is not a great store of value. The reason for this is because the actual value of bitcoin has not been established yet via price discovery. It probably will not be for some time yet. Many tools and mechanisms which central banks use to manage a particular currency such as interest rates for example, simply do not exist in the bitcoin space. Alternative solutions or evolution needs to take place first.
Will Bitcoin replace the Rand?
No. The idea of a cryptocurrency like bitcoin replacing the Rand does not make any sense. Bitcoin is deflationary. FIAT currencies are inflationary. You cannot throw a mango on the fire and call it a steak. Bitcoin does not aim to do this either. Instead, its purpose is that of a decentralised ledger system. More like a world reserve currency or a medium to move in or out of FIAT currency.
Final Word
To many, the bitcoin price (its value in terms of FIAT) is the only thing that matters. Whilst this approach can make you rich instantly, its luck rather than skill. Understanding and exploring the underlying value of bitcoin as a wealth creation mechanism is the where the true investment opportunities lie.
Which camp do you consider yourself a part of? Leave us a comment below!
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Does bitcoin price matter or its value?

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If you’ve been trading with bitcoin, you’ve probably been buying low and selling high seeing many profits in a short period of time. As a trader, it may seem like the bitcoin price is extremely important. But stepping back to look at the bigger picture and asking yourself does bitcoin price matter? It becomes clear that the bitcoin price doesn’t matter. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, there are a few features that are far more important. 

$1, $1,000, $1 mln; Bitcoin’s Price Doesn’t Matter, its Existence Does
— The World Crypto Network [#Bitcoin] (@WorldCryptoNet) December 13, 2017

So what does matter?
In a nutshell;

Low transaction fees
Predictable valuation

These three qualities need to be met for cryptocurrency to take the place of fiat currencies.
As it stands, regardless of the bitcoin price, if you want to send R400 worth of bitcoin to someone, it can be done with little to no effort. For example, if bitcoin is worth 1R, then to send someone R400 worth of bitcoin you would need to send 400 bitcoins. If bitcoin was worth R100, then you can send 4 bitcoins to achieve the same result.  This means that so long as businesses are keeping track of the price of bitcoin, all changes in its value on the stock market can be compensated for when transacting.
Currently, the landscape of bitcoin’s ecosystem is vastly different from what it used to be during the inception of cryptocurrency. When it was first created, the number of people involved was a few dozen. Now, there are over 10 million everyday bitcoin users. This growing user base is naturally accompanied by an increase in daily transactions. Unfortunately, the bitcoin network in its current state is unable to process all these transactions fast enough.
On a regular day, the bitcoin network is able to operate normally. But every now and again during peak times, things get rough. Users start reporting wait times ranging from a couple hours to a couple days on their transactions.
Also, the speed miners are able to process any transaction block depends entirely on the size of the miners’ fee set by the sender. This creates a market built around transaction fees as a result. This market consists of users setting ever-increasing transaction fees in order to speed up their processing times.
Though bitcoin’s scalability leaves a lot to be desired, it is constantly being worked on, and there are always altcoins that provide some features not available when using bitcoin.  With improvements to bitcoins scalability, large corporations will be more willing to get involved, consequently increasing the worth of bitcoin.
Bitcoin is still in its adolescence. It would be unfair to judge bitcoin as though it was an asset such as gold as bitcoin is only 9 years old. Technology is constantly advancing, which means bitcoin is constantly advancing in tandem,
When a genius points at the moon, a fool looks at the finger
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are going to be relevant for many more years to come, the current price of bitcoin doesn’t correspond to how valuable it is. 30 years ago nobody was sure what the internet was for or even why it was necessary. Until email came about. Once the internet fulfilled a consumer-driven purpose, it became mainstream.
Bitcoin is no different. It could very well become the currency of the future. Yes, it could replace PayPal and Western Union, and it could be the answer for developing world remittance payments. But does it matter? Let’s take a look at the moon, instead of the finger.
The framework being laid onto the digital currency space is very important in this time. For the next 40 years, this framework will be the foundations of a technology that will dominate commerce and personal activity. As it stands, bitcoin could be the largest, and most disruptive technology to have surfaced in the past 20 years.
Is it naive for people to look at bitcoin as nothing more than a means of exchange? What about the underlying technology regarding bitcoin, and how that technology may facilitate other scenarios? If we’re going to be disrupting the financial industry, the least we can do is look at the bigger picture.
What do you think about bitcoin in its current state? Does the bitcoin price matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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Sweden Officially Backs a CryptoCurrency and Establishes it as their Official Coin.

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A major worldwide government has just bestowed a huge vote of confidence and legitimacy on to the world of cryptocurrencies. Sweden, in an unprecedented move, just announced that they are officially adopting a KryptoPay as Sweden’s cryptocurrency! But are they?
What is Kryptonex Research Group?
Kryptonex Research Group claims that Sweden chose them to promote their national cryptocurrency. According to all of the articles surrounding this topic, Sweden is going to be the first country in the world to adopt a single cryptocurrency.
No information about Kryptonex is available online. Doing a google search for “Kryptonex Research Group”, the only thing I was able to find was an abundance of posts and videos exposing Kryptonex for being fraudulent from the ground up.
On the video on Kryptonex’s website, they claim Sweden chose them to be the countries main cryptocurrency asset. However, due to a “non-disclosure” agreement with the Swedish government, they are unable to state the name of the coin. The main agenda being pushed by Kryptonex is that the coin starts out being very cheap to buy on release, before shooting up in value.
On their website, they state;
Famed hedge funder turned crypto-investor Michael Novogratz says: Sweden’s Cryptocurrency could be at £5,000 per coin by the end of September, 2018
For a cryptocurrency that starts at 0.33p per coin, the price going up to 5000 means that the cryptocurrency will see a 15151% growth in value in only 12 days. This is impossible, no cryptocurrency is able to grow that much in the space of 2 weeks. The intention of this statement is to deceive newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry by showing them unrealistic investment gains in order to get them to make a deposit.
The Scam

TRADERS BEWARE! a fake version of the @coindesk website is going around offering to sell coins of Sweden's new state-backed crypto through a shady af exchange called "kryptonex". #altcoins #bitcoin #ico
— Manny Pulate (@Manny_Pulate) March 6, 2018

Without a doubt, this is one of the worst scams I’ve seen in a while. The complete story is full of holes and missing links. Why would Sweden’s government do anything that Kryptonex is saying they will do? Why would a government choose a private company to launch a government-backed currency? Sweden is definitely looking into creating their own coin, this is true. But only a highly dysfunctional government would believe it’s a good idea to outsource the production of such a valuable asset.
Also, the “non-disclosure agreement” is also a call for concern. Why would a government provide insider trading information to a private company? Kryptonex states they will reveal the name of the cryptocurrency only to their customers. They are able to say this because they gain nothing by sharing this information with people as it doesn’t exist. If there was a real non-disclosure agreement, Kryptonex wouldn’t be allowed to reveal this information to anyone, even their customers.
Not to mention the website, another big cause for concern. While the website may look professionally done, it provides no information about Kryptonex and the cryptocurrency. The only page this website is hosting, is the homepage. With no real information available on the site, people are left with only 1 option. Provide your full name, email address, password and phone number and you will have all your questions answered.
For the fat lady
Kryptonex Research Group’s real aim is to make you deposit money with a non-regulated broker. In other words, this means a shady broker is paying whoever is running this scam to refer new clients who are willing to make deposits. Please be sure that if you deposit anything with Kryptonex, you will lose that money forever.
They even went as far as to create a fake version of the Coindesk website in order to create a blog post explaining the “benefits” of “Sweden’s Cryptocurrency”
Stay vigilant when looking at the latest news regarding cryptocurrency. You can avoid these types of scams fairly easy by spending 5 minutes researching into whatever you’re thinking about investing in.
Were you about to be caught in the net of this kind-of well-made scam strategy? Let’s talk about it, leave us a comment with your feelings regarding this behaviour!
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iCE3X Talent Coup in South Africa

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iCE3X, South Africa’s favourite cryptocurrency exchange are happy to welcome our new COO. Eugene Etsebeth, former Chairman of the Virtual Currency and Distributed Ledger Technology working group at the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), is joining iCE3X as Chief Operating Officer, effective 1st October 2018.
Etsebeth was most recently Sybrin Systems where he led a unit of over 55 resources in implementing payments solutions across Africa in banks, central banks and clearing houses. He was also responsible for cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives in Sybrin Systems.
Regulatory oversight and cooperation between regulators, exchanges and financial institutions have been a bone of contention in the cryptocurrency industry for the last 4-5 years and appears to reach a level of maturity which could bring a whole new breed of services to customers. iCE3X have quietly been building their business since laying foundations back in 2013. They have a tight-knit team of highly experienced individuals with a clear vision of where they want to take the business.
“We have opened a dialogue with some prominent financial institutions and are in the advanced stages of implementing our business development roadmap”, said Gareth Grobler, Founder and CEO of iCE3X.
At iCE3X, Etsebeth will actively seek business opportunities and partnerships, constantly engage and work with regulators and concentrate on expanding the business with comprehensive policies and processes.
Grobler further commented: “Eugene’s expertise in payment systems, traditional finance, cryptocurrencies and respected position in the regulatory environment make him the ideal person to drive our vision for growth in South Africa. Cryptocurrencies operate in an environment that is yet to be defined in terms of regulation and how its interaction with FIAT can be monitored. Having Eugene’s experience and insight will be invaluable, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with him.”
Eugene Etsebeth has a strong vision: “I look forward to making digital assets a safe, convenient and vital part of all South Africans’ wealth portfolios within the stable of iCE3X products.”
About iCE³X
iCE³X is a secure exchange platform where users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and various other altcoins in South African Rand and Nigerian Naira. They operate an open order book with real orders from real customers
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Bitcoin ( BTC ) to South African Rand (ZAR) | BTC to ZAR

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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros; they’re produced by lots of people running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. It’s the first example of a growing category of money known as a cryptocurrency. Little below we will explain the ratio BTC to ZAR.
Bitcoin was created to serve a highly political intent, a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access.
– Amir Taaki
Who can buy or sell bitcoin?
Anyone can buy or sell bitcoin. ICE3X provides the exchange where buyers and sellers meet to exchange various Cryptocurrencies, with easy registration, verification and an amazing support team. ICE3X has been providing a safe and secure exchange since 2013.
ICE3X also has the lowest fees and a wonderful Affiliate program that can earn you money by introducing your friends and family.
Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.
– Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize nominee
Why use Bitcoin not only for investing but using BTC as a virtual currency.

It’s fast
It’s Cheap
Central Governments can’t take it away
There are no chargebacks
People can’t steal your important information from Merchants
It is not inflationary
It’s as private as you want it to be
You don’t need to trust anyone else
You own it

Where and how to trade bitcoin?
ICE3X provides a cyrptocyrrency exchange platform that allows potential buyers and sellers of Bitcoin to exchange the transactions since 2013.
Registering on the exchange allows one to buy BTC with Rands as well as exchange BTC for Rands.
Funding your ICE3X  account is done by way of your bank account to the exchange with an automatic clearance of the funds into your ICE3X account,  once cleared by the bank, there is no need for batch runs.
The funds on your account now allow you to place buy orders on the exchange for the price you are willing to pay. If there are selling orders you want to pursue you can easily complete the selling order by clicking on the order. You are now the proud owner of the BTC.
Selling BTC on the exchange works the same. Place a sell order for your price or see which buy orders you are willing to accept for your Bitcoin and complete the transaction.
Start trading / using BTC Today, “there’s no time like the present “
Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet.
– Roger Ver
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Somebody Needs to Stop NEO – They Took TRON’s position! Who’s Next?

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NEO is on the rise and has taken the 11th position from Tron. Seeing how this cryptocurrency is on the climb it makes one wonder what will happen next. That being said let’s get an overview of what cryptocurrency NEO is and some other information regarding this cryptocurrency.
Who invented Neo?
This cryptocurrency was first launched in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang as Antshare. Thereafter it was named NEO in June 2017, its meaning is new and young in Greek. Since then It has made its mark and has now taken over the 11th position from Tron due to the market capitalization of $2.61 bln compared to Tron’s $2.49 bln. That makes us wonder who will be next?
What is Neo?
This was the first decentralized, open source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China. “Chinese Ethereum” is the nickname given to this cryptocurrency which is similar to Ethereum but has learned from Ethereum’s mistakes.
The big move for Neo is creating an entire smart economy. It has incorporated digital assets, smart contracts, and a digital identity that can be used for real-world applications and become integrated into the real economy. China could (and may) be a candidate for that first real-world application and integration – According to Brian Evans.
Why should you invest?

The market has seen some revived life in the last 2 months and Neo has been at the top of the revival.
This cryptocurrency being one of the known performers has taken a rise in the market. When you look at past performance of the currency it gives you an indication of how well it has done.
Neo started with decentralization in July which will kick-start a new generation of decentralization.

We have to be very careful with decentralization of the consensus nodes because the protocol of Cryptocurrency NEO is evolving very fast. We need those consensus nodes to act very quickly to upgrade, and if there is a bug or a security issue, we need them to respond very quickly. So we’re doing the decentralization process slowly, gradually and very carefully. – Da Hongfei
Where can you buy, sell and trade Neo
You can buy, sell and trade Neo securely on trading platform, which is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange SINCE 2013. With that in mind, you can trade markets all the time 24/7 365 days of the year. Buying or selling NEO is very easy. Simply select the NEO/BTC trading pair and place your BUY and SELL orders.
When is the best time to buy Neo
There is no better time than the present. According to Economy forecast agency, the price for Cryptocurrency Neo will be in the vicinity of R4380.35 – R5059.00 in May 2020 and will reach an amount of R6755.62 – R7773.59 by December 2020. Therefore if you invest around R 1542.38 today your return could be around R9254.27 in 2020.
Price of Neo?
The current price on iCE3X is +/- R728.00 at the time of writing this blog.
In conclusion, there is no time like the present to invest in Cryptocurrency. Neo followers expect great things to come for this cryptocurrency. If your strategy is aligned with sentiment trading, then NEO is one to watch!
Bonus video for some more info:

What does your gut say about NEO? Are you going invest in NEO or are you HODLING?
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Crypto exchanges are set to rake in twice as much money as last year even though bitcoin is down 67%

Crypto exchanges are set to rake in twice as much money as last year even though bitcoin is down 67%

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Compared to 2017, bitcoin has slumped by a large margin. Many long-term holders pulled out after the price dropped, and people have been down in the dumps about the price.
But they’re not the only people in this market. Crypto exchanges have been thriving through the storm, despite bitcoin’s price dropping by a whopping 67%. In fact, a recent report found that crypto exchanges could make up to twice as much money as last year.

According to a report by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. , in 2018, the #income of #cryptocurrency #exchanges can GROW by MORE than TWICE – up to 4 BILLION dollars!!! #crypto $btc $EXRN $ltc $XRP $trx $cnn #Bitcoin #blockchain #fintech
— TRX Dino (@TRX_Dinosaur) August 21, 2018

Crypto Exchanges
In total, the digital currency market has shed over $500 billion since it topped $800 billion in January.
A notable number of crypto exchanges experienced a number of outages and hacks as the price of bitcoin took off, hitting a peak of $20,000 at the end of 2017. Nonetheless, exchanges earn their money by facilitating the matchmaking of buyers and sellers. This means that regardless of the market environment, crypto exchanges are able to see profits.
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analysts report that the revenue generated from crypto exchanges could double to as much as 4 billion; despite the dive digital assets took in value this year.
The buying and selling of cryptocurrencies generated $1.8 billion in transaction fees in some of the largest crypto exchanges last year. These estimates are solely based on transaction fees. In terms of segments, the Global Cash Equities business was the only one able to surpass cryptocurrency trading. He followed this statement, saying;
“As the crypto-asset class seasons and institutional demand builds, there are a plethora of opportunities for traditional firms,”
The cryptocurrency industry is highly volatile, and for some people, taking risks is not an option. Even though wall street giants such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. have dabbled in the crypto industry, the traditional finance industry have a tendency to tread carefully with anything regarding it. As government scrutiny toward cryptocurrency grew at the end of 2017, the price dropped around 67%. This prompted the financial industry to proceed cautiously amid the regulatory uncertainty and volatile prices.
Because of the caution surrounding the industry, Coinbase Inc – a U.S. based crypto exchange, with backing from traditional banks, venture capital, and exchanges — are liable to end up in an “unassailable competitive position”. But if Wallstreet were to engage with the cryptocurrency industry more, this could be averted.
Coinbase is estimated to own a nice slice of about 50% of the transaction revenue pool. Even still, traditional fiat finance is unlikely to welcome crypto spot trading with open arms as of yet. This is mainly due to regulatory concerns and money laundering risks presented by the anonymity of the cryptocurrency industry.
Large Investors
Crypto exchanges are able to get an extra boost in revenue if they’re able to attract larger investors to their trading platforms with white-glove services. Offering these services to large institutions will help to make the market mature. Kiran Nagaraj, KPMG’s leader of cryptocurrency services says
larger investors need to be supported on crypto-specific issues such as managing crypto forks — when a crypto splits into two — for them to enter the market in a serious way. Big investors don’t want to be concerned with the technicalities.

“They’re in the investment business,” he said. “They can’t hold their own private key. Maybe you’ll find some that’ll do it, but they are looking for market exposure. They don’t want to deal with the operations.”
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